Our Mission

Feldon Company commits to a mission of continual customer care, providing the finest product at the most competitive price, and doing so with impeccable timing and coordination to insure the needs of our customers. We will perform these activities in a highly professional and ethical  manner with a focus on reliability and honesty.

 To accomplish this, we will provide an environment of continual cooperation and  improvement with our customers, our employees, and our suppliers.

The ongoing mission of Feldon is to present the best attributes  of a World Class Corporate Citizen at  any of our locations, in our environmental responsibilities, in our integrity in our business dealings, and in protecting the welfare and safety of our employees.

Feldon is devoted to customer care.

In a world where customers often feel that they do not have much of their supplier’s attention, Feldon is committed to very close cooperation and sensitivity to our customers’ needs. We firmly believe that the triple focus of price, quality, and delivery are tantamount.

Here at Feldon, we know that our customers want more than that. They want the close care that makes projects happen, and to make them happen smoothly and quickly. We will get it done - and done right! Success only counts if we all have it.